INF Seminar 2020 in Italy – Cancelled

The INF Naginata Seminar 2020 was scheduled to be held in Italy this
July. But it has been canceled due to the worldwide transmission of the
In Italy, preparations have been made since last year, but it is impossible.
It is regrettable that such decision must be taken.
We will announce the schedule for next year as soon as it is decided.
Please take care of yourselves and families.

President Kumiko Hashimoto

7th World Naginata Championships Results



  1. A. Ajiki , M. Inoue (Japan)
  2. S. Kanaoka, C. Hayashida (Japan)
  3. C. Coppeans, B. Harrop (USA)

Zen Nihon Renmei no Kata

  1. I. Itagaki, H. Kato (Japan)
  2. T. Dermine, F. Dermine (Belgium)
  3. J. Hernandez, S. Lew (USA)


Women’s Team

  1. Japan
  2. Canada
  3. Belgium

Men’s Team

  1. Japan
  2. Netherlands
  3. Belgium

Women’s Individual

  1. A. Ajiki (Japan)
  2. S. Haruyama (Japan)
  3. C. Hayashida (Japan)

Men’s Individual

  1. Y. Masuda (Japan)
  2. M. Masuda (Japan)
  3. T. Fujita (Japan)

Overall Winner: Japan

Goodwill Tournament Results

Goodwill Shiai Individual Women

  1. M. Silva (France)
  2. Y. Nishimura (USA)
  3. T. Hasegawa (Brazil)

Goodwill Shiai Individual Men

  1. G. Nedzvetsky (Israel)
  2. J. Gaffié (France)
  3. J. Hrbac (Czech Republic

INF Seminar 2018 – São Paulo, Brazil

Associação de Naguinata do Brasil

The 2018 INF Seminar is being hosted by the Associação de Naguinata do Brasil. It is taking place from Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September in São Paulo, Brazil.

The application deadline is Sunday 24th June 2018. Please contact your local federation for further details.

World Naginata Championship 2019

Deutscher Naginata Bund Logo

We are very happy to announce the first information regarding the World Naginata Championship 2019.

Date: 4th-10th July 2019

Venue: Wiesbaden, Germany

Application and registration files will be made available later this year.

1st Naginata Seminar in Taipei

The first official naginata seminar in Taiwan was held on May 28-29 in Taipei, under the guidance of senseis Kimura Yasuko and Tamaki Katsuko. Taiwan is applying this year to become a INF provisional member.

3rd Dan

Julie Hsieh (Taiwan)
David Figatner (Taiwan)

2nd Dan
Roy Poon (Hong Kong)

1st Dan
Yi Hsiu Lin(Taiwan)

6th World Naginata Championships – Montreal, Canada – June 2015



1st Place: Ai Ajiki, Misaki Nukii (JPN)
2nd Place: Miyo Inoue, Seishi Sakaki (JPN)
3rd Place: Axel Noorman, Faye Noorman (NED)

Individual Women

1st Place: Hasumi Hayashida (JPN)
2nd Place: Ai Ajiki (JPN)
3rd Place: Misaki Nukii (JPN)

Individual Men

1st Place: Kosuke Tanaka (JPN)
2nd Place: Francois Dermine (BEL)
3rd Place: Hitotaka Kato (JPN)

Women’s Team

1st Place: Misaki Nukii, Miyo Inoue, Hasumi Hayashida (JPN)
2nd Place: Kei Tsukamaki, Shannon Lew, Kelsey Harrington (USA)
3rd Place: Amandine Babule, Sophie Schmitz, Chloé Bellec (FRA)

Men’s Team

1st Place: Kosuke Tanaka, Seishi Sakaki, Satsuki Sahashi (JPN)
2nd Place: David d’Hose, François Dermine, Tyl Dermine (BEL)
3rd Place: Antoine Fromentin, Daniel Bouchard, Tomas Almonte (CAN)

2013 INF seminar in Renton, USA

The seminar was held in Renton, from June 26th to 28th.

About 70 participants gathered this year ; thank you for coming!!

To all who successfully passed their Dan examination !

Katrina Heilman (USA)
Sara Jensen (USA)
Daniel Trexler (USA)

Gabriel Djinn (USA)
Melissa Rice (USA)
Julie Hsieh (USA)
Kaitlin Brasfield (USA)
Jeremy Hiller (USA)

Sasha Corchado (USA)
Saiyou Oshima (USA)
Tatsue Monji (USA)
Chris Coppeans (USA)
Bryce Harrop (USA)

Antoine Fromentin (CAN)
Andreas Nicol (GER)
Patrick Magpayo (USA)
Chad Goerzen (USA)
Leslee Williams (USA)
Jayne Stratton (USA)